Sunday, October 16, 2011

We're shortly on our way!

The gang is assembling for their annual foray into murder and mayhem! We have a great group - Ninette Beazley, Nose of the North, will be there reporting on the Church of the True Constellate. Of course, Crystalina, the seer of the church will be there - making her strange little predictions about The Ones and The Chosen Hundred. Phelia Peach is in full swing, her story of being the love child of Queen Elizabeth and Winston Churchill being told and retold. Her aunt, Edna Peach, is also planning a trip to Keltic. She's bringing her board and her tap shoes and will entertain you at the slightest encouragement. Oscar is planning a trip too. He's a little worried. he doesn't like germs or...people. Bettsinda and Herman Quickly will be watching over their charge, Crystalina, with fevered brows. Bettsinda is getting a little annoyed with the leash Herman keeps her on. And of course, the enigmatic M/M - is it a boy, is it a girl? -  will be there. S/he is sure that s/he is one of the hundred. They're bringing costumes or are they? There is a dance planned for the saturday night and apparently The Ones love to see humans make fools of themselves, or do they?
Watch your back!

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